Agenda 2017

Weekend 3 – 4: Escape to Hadath el Jebbeh
Sleep at Auberge Hadath el Jebbeh and walk in the holy valley for 12 km medium hike.

Sunday 18: Discover the virgin cedars forest
Go deep in Hadath el Jebbeh cedars forest and walk the path of the ancestors in a medium hike, 7.8 km.

Sunday 25: Ouverture été SDL
Mass at St. Daniel church 6 pm followed by a dinner at hadath el jebbeh cedar forest (FREE ENTRANCE)

Saturday 1: Tala2e3 el Adra annual charity dinner
RSVP +961 70 170 884

Saturday 8: Nuit à la belle étoile
Take the mountain trail that leads to Mar Semaan peak and spend the night arround the campfire starring at the stars.

Wednesday 12: Fun under the sun
A kids event with animations, games and face painting.

Friday 21: Night Walk
Eat and drink all the way through the village listening to the music.

Thursday 27 Ghinwa: jardin des reves
A musical play for kids

Weekend 5/6: Relax and chill at Auberge Hadath el Jebbeh
Make hadath el Jebbeh your destination and book in its Auberge. Take a walk to the “ se7a ”,enjoy a homemade sandwich and a drink. Ask for the cultural tour in the morning.

Saturday to Monday 12/13/14: Fun festival
Kermes, games and inflatables organized by tala2e3 el 3adra and SDL Hadath El Jebbeh.

Saturday 19: going rural
The annual rural dinner in the town square.

Friday 25: Night Walk
Eat and drink all the way through the village listening to the music.

Friday 1: St Simon’s feast
A hike and a mass on the top of the mountain.

Saturday 9: Hadath el Jebbeh festival
The annual St Daniel feast & festival.

18 to 30: Apple picking season
Join the farmers and pick your apples organized by the agricultural cooperative +961 76 104 842.

Sunday 8: Autumn day in Annoubine valley
Medium hike starts from Hadath el Jebbeh and ends in mazraat el naher 14 km.

Weekend 21/22: Chill and hike
Spend the overnight at Auberge hadath el Jebbeh having cheese and wine and hike in the morning at the majestic cedars forest in hadath el Jebbeh.

For info and reservation
Tourism bureau: +961 71 680 222 / +961 6 978 121



Agenda 2017

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