Assi Al Haddath

The discoveries made in Asi-l-Hadath Grotto, ranging from mummies and vases to coins and manuscripts, represent a major stepping stone for Medieval Archaeology in Lebanon, due to the explicatory dimension they gave to an important part of Maronite history and Kannoubine valley was finally enlisted as UNESCO Patrimonial site.



The Maronite mummies are eight well preserved natural mummies of Maronite villagers dating back to around 1283 AD. They were uncovered by a team of…

Assi el Haddath siege


During the Crusades (1099 -1291 A.D.), a part of what was known as Historical Mount Lebanon (Jibbat Bsharri, Jubayl and Batrun, Jibbat al-Munaytra) belonged tothe administrative…

Assi el Hadath Book


‘Asi-l-Hadath Lebanon: History of a Grotto, written by Fady Baroudi, Boulos Khawaja, Abdo Badawi and Joseph Moukarzel, is the most important documented book about…

Mummification Technic


Compared to the mummies of Egypt, these mummies were simply buried without any long term or elaborate preparation. A preliminary observation of the mummies…

Maronite Mummies


These are the first (and perhaps the only) mummies of the Maronite people ever to be discovered. According to Guita G. Hourani, who has…