Historical Church of Saint Daniel

Saloumi, Daughter of Priest Bassil from Bsharre, built this church between 111 A.D. and 1113 A.D. on the ruins of an old monastery of the Prophet Elijah which, in turn, had been built on the ruins of a pagan temple.

There are many reasons for the origin of the name. Some people attributed the name of Saint Daniel to one of Saints missionaries, who came from Syria, during the reign of the first Christian missionary, at the time of Saint Simeon Stylite who is called Saint Daniel the Stylite, while others refers to the prophet Daniel as the person figured in the famous photo in a black well, which one of them still exists inside the church from hundreads years.

The church had been destroyed several times particulary in 1283 A.D. during the invasion of Mamluk for El Jebbeh Region and later on it was hit by artillery shells.


* All these informations were taking from History & stories from Hadad greatness & and Art history/ and supported with pictures & information by the editor Mr. George Antoun Chedrawy

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