Prince Bashir

Bashir Shihab II ( January 2, 1767– 1850) was a Lebanese Emir who ruled Lebanon in the first half of the 19th century. Emir Bashir Shihab II is one of the greatest Princes who ruled the region from the year 1697 until 1842.  Emir Bashir II Mount Lebanon rule during the last quarter of the eighteenth century right up until the mid-nineteenth century, and this was the second prince, who ruled for a long time after Prince Fakhr-al-Din II. Prince Bashir demonstrated during his reign to be a great predecessor to Fakhr-al-Din II.

During the reign of Emir Bashir, and after suffering different military setback during the stage of the campaigns, escaped from the Chouf, and took refuge in the Forest of Hadath el  Jebbeh, where he stayed for a long time, hiding from the Ottomans soldiers who were chasing him. Since that time the Cedars Forest of Hadath is known as the Shelter Forest.

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